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It was a rainy stormy night when eight women started out on a mission journey that we’re still traversing today. At the Tremont Church in Boston, these women met and listened to stories told by missionary wives recently returned from India and decided that night, March 23, 1869 to form the Women’s Foreign Missionary Society. A week later they adopted a constitution which clearly set forth the intent of the Society, “For the purpose of engaging and uniting the efforts of the women of the Church in sending out and supporting female missionaries, native Christian teachers and Bible women in foreign lands.” Dues were set at one dollar per year “that membership might be within the means of every woman in the church.” “Two cents a week and a prayer” became the standard. On November 2 of that same year they sent two missionaries to India, Isabella Thoburn and Dr. Clara Swain.

Our organization has undergone many name changes over its 150+ years of existence, most notably the Women’s Society of Christian Service which became in 1972 United Methodist Women and in 2022 United Women in Faith.

These groups became powerful, women’s organizations, sending hundreds of women missionary doctors, nurses, and educators all over the world and supporting countless U.S. and international projects and advocating for justice, children, women and disenfranchised communities fearlessly.

United Women in Faith thus has a long legacy of mission!